Translating Emerging RNA Editing Approaches for Therapeutic Applications

As CRISPR genome editing struggles to overcome key specificity and delivery challenges in its pursuit to realize therapeutic applications, the 1st RNA Editing Summit 2019 accelerates the translation and commercialization of RNA editing for an array of research and therapeutic applications.

As the therapeutic potential of RNA editing explodes, discover the fundamental mechanisms of RNA editing, such as recruiting endogenous ADARs with encodable guideRNAs, and learn about the novel approaches being developed to precisely and efficiently deliver intended RNA edits. With the temporary nature of RNA editing providing a huge opportunity in many areas beyond genetic diseases, uncover how to recruit endogenous editing enzymes and ultimately deliver safe and effective transcriptome edits.

Join RNA, functional genomic, cell biology and immuno-oncology experts from large pharma, biotech and academia at the 1st RNA Editing Summit 2019 in the pursuit of translating emerging RNA editing mechanisms into therapeutic reality.

'The field of RNA editing has been exploding the last couple of years, and this inaugural RNA editing summit is going to be a great place for people to hear the science about RNA editors, as well as the different approaches to utilize or inhibit these enzymes for the treatment of human diseases.'

Scott Ribich - Vice President, Biology,

Accent Therapeutics

'RNA editing expands the evolutionary landscape by increasing the diversity of gene products and enhances the therapeutic universe by enabling interventions that go beyond what is possible in a world focused solely on rewriting DNA sequence. This meeting will help expand the collaborations and toolsets for this new era of innovation.'

Alan Herbert - Founder & Head of Discovery,


Expert Speakers Include:

Andrew Fraley

Founder & SVP Technology

Korro Bio

Dr. Joshua Rosenthal

Senior Scientist

Marine Biological Laboratory

Maria Montiel Gonzalez

Scientist, RNA editing platform

Beam Therapeutics

Francois Vigneault

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Shape Therapeutics

Nina Papavasiliou

University Professor and Division Head
German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

Visiting Professor
Rockefeller University, New York

Scott Ribich

Vice President, Biology

Accent Therapeutics

Thorsten Stafforst


University of Tuebingen