RNA Editing is reaching an inflection point and is rapidly being discussed, invested in and adopted by the industry.

This year, in an all new digital format, the timely 2nd RNA Editing Summit returns as the only industry led meeting showcasing the recent developments of RNA editing mechanisms and dedicated to realizing the research and therapeutic opportunity of RNA editing as quickly as possible.

This meeting offers a wealth of relevant content covering everything from basic RNA biology and the fundamentals of RNA editing through to mitigating against off target activity to the plethora of clinical applications.


Join industry leaders from the likes of InsideOutBio, Edigene, Locano Bio and more to:


  • Hear the current strategies of site directed RNA editing from A – I to C – U to CRISPR based
  • Understand how to mitigate off target-activity without critically effecting the efficiency of the on target edit in the transcript
  • Ensure the safety and stability of your edit whilst maintaining efficiency and safe guard against potential toxic events
  • Assess how to develop RNA editing technologies in preclinical models to ensure the system works as intended in the human body
  • Delve into the different delivery mechanisms available to ensure the protein molecules that do the editing make it into the cells
  • Identify the latest clinical applications of RNA Editing, reviewing the structures and functions of ADARs, CRISPR CAS 13, APOBEC and their involvements in human diseases

Following the huge success of the meeting last year, this year’s virtual event remains committed to enabling you to learn from your peers and engage in quality networking. Use this opportunity to tap into the RNA Editing world which has exploded over the last year with the latest updates from leading biotech’s and pioneering academics.