Nina Papavasiliou

Nina Papavasiliou

Company: Visiting Professor
Rockefeller University, New York

Job title: University Professor and Division Head
German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany


I have a long-standing interest in processes that generate informational diversity within cells. This interest originally directed my lab’s work to DNA mutation in the context of the adaptive immune response specifically to mechanisms that direct mutation to antibody genes in the germinal center. This process which depends on AID-mediated DNA deamination followed by error prone repair generates immunoglobulin sequence diversity and underlies affinity maturation of the antibody response.

More recently my interest in molecular processes that generate informational diversity within cells has expanded to the field of epitranscriptomics where my lab has been a leader in the field of RNA editing and modification with a focus on the functional relevance of the resulting transcriptomic diversity in healthy tissue (e.g. innate immune cells) and in disease (in the context of cancer).



How ADAR1 can drive Disease Progression by Acting Both as an RNA Editor of Specific Transcripts & as a DNA Mutator of their Cognate Genes 1:00 pm

• Evaluating RNA editing vs DNA mutation in cancer • (Some) deaminases can act as RNA editors and DNA mutators • Exploiting dual function enzymes for therapeutic purposesRead more

day: Day Two

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