Eli Eisenberg

Eli Eisenberg

Company: Tel Aviv University

Job title: Professor


Eli Eisenberg is a Professor of Physics and a member of the Sagol school of neuroscience at Tel Aviv University. Since 2002, he has been working on bioinformatic analyses of RNA expression data. In particular, he has developed computational approaches for detection, quantification and analysis of RNA editing, focusing on the most common type of RNA editing, adenosine-to-inosine editing. These methods were utilized to chart the editome of multiple species, study the genomic and transcriptomic characteristics governing the scope of editing in each species, and understanding the ways in which editing may have a functional impact on the cell and the whole organism, in health and disease.


Global Quantification Exposes Most DNA & RNA Off-Target Activity by Base Editors is Non-Specific 2:00 pm

• Off-target edits are a major concern limiting the application of base editors. Multiple studies have been dedicated to identification of these events and further enzyme optimization to suppress them • These studies have mainly focused on strongly edited off-target sites, where editing affects an appreciable fraction (>10%) of transcripts. We point out that the…Read more

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