Speaker Interview

Ahead of the 2nd RNA Editing Summit, we spoke with Alan Herbert, Founder and Head of Discovery at InsideOutBio for his exclusive insights on this fast evolving field.

Alan Herbert

"I believe the RNA editing field has reached critical mass and this gravity defying, high octane, formula, is now operative."


Alan, can you explain to us the main limitations of RNA editing and hence the scientific question that you are trying to solve that keeps you up a night?

How to get the new therapies to clinic faster and what are the right questions to ask, given that the data piles are so huge. Analysing the data correctly is important. As we all know, if you use the wrong keywords on a Google Search, you usually end up somewhere very interesting but won’t find the information you are looking for – even though Google gives you access to the best algorithms out there. Likewise, why do standard RNA-seq pipelines just discard heavily edited RNAs – are we searching in the right place?